The Gardeners and 2 Secrets that will make your business grow geometrically

A small business is:

  • A profitable and optimized system that works without you
  • Simple Mathematics

That’s it. And most business owners don’t take care of that. Being stuck inside the business won’t let you do these things and will make everything stop from flourishing or not going in the direction you want, as fast as it needs to go. But is there anything more than that? Behind a system, a money machine that works without you being there, controlling and/ or doing all the work, is there anything else?

1. The story

A small business without a team and leaders is like a human organism without air. In the absence of air, the result is simple and predictable. The organism will suffocate fast and die.

I see the team and it’s leaders as gardeners who plant the seeds, nurture them, take the fruits at the right time and then prepare for winter. Why are they doing this? For their own good, but also because they want to contribute to the world around them. And they do, without excuses, negations and blaming. They wake up every morning being thankful about something, telling good morning to each other, helping each other in the morning, if needed. Going to do the work inside the garden, taking the launch break, discussing, acting some more and then, at the end of the day, spending time together and reflecting on their dream, on what’s next. They are not acting by others playbook. They are writing their own in every moment. And they never stop dreaming, because they don’t get caught in the day by day work, they get inspired by it. And this is simply because they take full responsibility for everything and, suddenly, everything it’s easier, while having even more purpose. The gardeners know their dream has a price. They know there are certain things to be done constantly, but this is not a burden, because they are always together, never letting someone behind. They are paying the price with joy, while being inspired and inspiring the world around them. As a fact, their garden becomes greener.

There was a year when a great hail came by. A lot of their work was destroyed then. But what’s surprising is that they weren’t scared or angry. They knew that from where the hail comes, the sun will come, lightning them and helping them rebuild everything. And they did so, with the same joy. In a few months their garden was even more beautiful then before. And they grown in the process.

2. The specifics

A. Why shouldn’t you be afraid of building a team:

  1. Even if it comes with responsibility, it’s a blessing, not something to run from
  2. Things will grow beyond yourself, even when you don’t have a clear vision or you lose it for a moment
  3. Your team won’t judge you in hard times, if you don’t judge them when they do something wrong
  4. You don’t have to know all the answers. You just have to trust them and let you all be
  5. Things will coordinate as never before
  6. You will do it not just for yourself, but for them and they will do it for you, all the time
  7. Some people may go. Be thankful and let them embrace their new flight
  8. The thought of being wrong will be replaced with constant support and understanding


B. What the leaders do and why it’s good deciding to be one:

  1. The gardeners are all leaders. How is that possible? Well, no one is expecting from someone else to do more. They do it together.
  2. They don’t follow, they create, they are inspired (in spirit)
  3. They have results every day, because they decide, act and grow constantly
  4. Even if you didn’t heard this too often, every time when you take responsibility you are a leader. And we all are, in the same time, not from a place of telling others what to do, but from a place of common values and goals.
  5. Every time you grow and contribute to other people lives you are a leader. Every time you do something good without expecting a reward.

3. Questions for You

  1. What is a team?
  2. What is a leader?
  3. How does your garden looks like?


Please answer all 3 in a comment bellow. I want to engage with you, understand you, so I can support you more. Let’s make this article a better one through your perspective.

  • Beautiful paralell with the garden. The leader is a dreamer, creator, a mentor and a manager.
    A team is like organs for the human body. They are somehow independent but everything is tied up together.
    My garden is under a storm. I’m building a roof system and another systems for eliminating the elemente that stops the garden to thrive.