How to grow a Community for your small business

Today I am happy to answer Normel Smith question regarding How to grow a Community/ Facebook group for your small business.

Normel, thank you for reaching out to me and for being a part of Educated Entrepreneurs community. I will share with you a few actionable steps starting from my own experience.

As a starting point, I want to tell you that I would like 1000 x MORE for EE and that I feel there are 1000 other things I could learn in order to better manage and empower the community. But considering that I’d like to offer you a more complex answer and that I searched myself for tips and tricks on this topic and I couldn’t find that many resources, I think that, together, we can also help other entrepreneurs grow their communities.

So, let’s see:

1. The leader

  1. Does your community knows why did you start it?
  2. What do you all stand for?
  3. Do they know the direction you all are going for?
  4. Do they know your story?
  5. Do you post personal stories that are relevant for your community?
  6. Do you communicate through telling stories?
  7. Do they know your expertise and how you can help them?
  8. Do they know how you look? (photos)
  9. Did they heard you? (audios)
  10. Did they seen you? (videos)
  11. Can you create something they connect you with (a website, a podcast, youtube videos, a product, etc)
  12. Are you a giver? Do you make that visible?
  13. Do you continuously provoke dialogue, ask for feedback and create polls in order to serve them better?

2. Why you do what you do

What’s your cause/ your belief? Is it powerful and clear enough for you and your members?

3. Group identity

  1. Is your group name clear enough?
  2. Do you have a group description that explains why do you exist, what are the benefits members should expect, what they should gain for it and how do you differentiate?
  3. Did you established your group type? (see group settings)
  4. Did you established the tags of your group? (see group settings)
  5. Do you have a relevant and cool cover photos for your group? (see high quality stock images)
  6. Could you explain your purpose in a sentence? In 3 words?

4. Goals, Objectives and Action Steps

  1. Do you have a vision statement?
  2. Do you have a mission statement?
  3. Do you have a written list smart goals/ objectives?
  4. Are you doing clear, consistent an constant action steps in order to achieve these 3?
  5. Is growing your community a priority for you according to your daily actions?

5. Communicate inside the community

  1. Do you provide relevant information?
  2. Do you teach them how to do something?
  3. Do you start conversations?
  4. Do you inspire?
  5. Do you entertain?
  6. Do you ask questions?
  7. Do you ask for feedback/ ideas/ suggestions?
  8. Are you doing challenges?
  9. Are you proposing games?
  10. Are you organizing giveaways?
  11. Do you introduce people?
  12. Do you offer them great opportunities?
  13. Do you encourage certain members to post specific things about them/ their expertise?
  14. Do you encourage members to communicate with each other?
  15. Do you tell them what do you want for the community and how they could help you get there?
  16. Do you highlight your members?
  17. Did you invited your friends that might find your community relevant?
  18. Did you asked your friends to invite their friends?
  19. Do you encourage your members to invite other people in?
  20. Do you talk about your struggles?
  21. Do you talk about your victories?
  22. Do you encourage celebration?

6. Communicate outside the community

  1. Are you active in other communities that are related to what your community does?
  2. Do you offer free awesome value there/ helping people in your best way, without expecting something in return?
  3. Do you take time to observe other communities vibes/ needs/ strategies?
  4. Do you approach valuable people in private to invite them in your community, focusing the message on what would be their benefits and why is it important for you?
  5. Do you constantly share valuable and relevant content along with your group in open groups that allow/ encourage promotion?
  6. Do you use every occasion in order to genuinely invite people that could really benefit from it?

7. Try, Measure, Improve

  1. Do you consistently try millions of things, being aware that lots of them won’t work?
  2. Do you evaluate what kind of posts usually have a bigger impact and repeat those types of posts from time to time?
  3. Do you have a priority from constantly improving everything you do as a leader?
  4. Do you have a priority from constantly improve your members experience?

8. The most valuable lessons I learned

  1. Be relevant
  2. Be a leader
  3. Be a giver
  4. Be open, talk about your struggles and victories, people connect with people
  5. Ask questions and see what people really want/ need from your community.
  6. Your community already has all the answers you are looking for. Just ask
  7. Be aware of the fact that not everything you post will seem as cool for your community as it seems for you
  8. Constantly improve and change what it’s not working
  9. Keep the things that do work.
  10. Learn from those that are already doing what you want to do.
  11. Do things in your way, dare to act as unique, because you are unique.
  12. If you want people to do certain things, say tell them. Let them know what your intentions/ wishes/ needs are.
  13. Talk to them, not at them.
  14. Know each of them personally, so you can talk to each of them personally, find out what their problems and wishes are, so you can serve them.
  15. From time to time be silent and just let them be. Its their playground.
  16. Welcome all new members. They all are important, you really want to build engagement with them and this works.
  17. Produce constant free and paid content for the community
  18. What successful stories of your members you contributed to and can talk about?

9. Resources

Awesome book to read: Tribes by Seth Godin

10. Do you grow a community yourself? Let's learn from each other!

What strategies do you use? Write some in a comment bellow.

If they are totally awesome we can integrate them in a separate article.