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PART 1: There are only 2 states in business: Making Sales & Out of business


Mat is an ambitious man. He has lots of great ideas. He’s playing with them all day. Sometimes, all night. When neighbors are not there. Friends are sleeping. He goes on and on thinking about what he could do. About the change that’s gonna happen once his product…

Mat has no product. “Nothing to sell”, as he says to me. Mat has lots of experiences he could sell, but he doesn’t know that. There are people who could buy from Mat, but Mat doesn’t know that either. He thinks about it. Mat is a great thinker. But he doesn’t know for sure. Mat doesn’t believe that he could actually do something that’s bigger than himself.

Mat is out of business without even being in business. Because Mat has 0 sales for his non-existent, but special product.


Jeff is as ambitious as Mat is. Not smarter or faster than Mat is. At times, different ideas cross Jeff’s mind. But Jeff is not alone. Jeff has a friend, called Focus. Jeff’s friend remembers Jeff that Jeff has a mission, so Jeff sticks to that. In fact, Jeff has more than one friend. Jeff has 8 friends. He calls his friends Team. Jeff’s team is there to contribute to the mission, which now is not Jeff’s mission anymore. It became Team’s mission.

Jeff has one more secret who keeps everyone and everything in place, growing. It’s a clever friend of Jeff named Sales. He is the main goal for Jeff’s Team. He’s there every single day, making the magic happen. So Jeff also has customers and clients who drive more new customers to the Team. And they grow with not that much of a worry.

One day

One day the Jeff talked with the Team about Mat. They came up with an idea. “What if we invite Mat here for a few days and teach him what we already know? Maybe Sales will visit him too. This way Mat will grow, we will grow and the entire city will do the same.”

Next day in the morning Tim was there. Amazed at first of how different things were happening for Jeff and his Team. Jeff himself was not there. Jeff was enjoying a 1 month holiday, while Jeff’s Team and Jeff’s secret friend, Sales, were growing the company and fulfilling customers.

The first night was a though one for Mat. He couldn’t avoid the truth. There was another path and he could get it for free. Strangely, Mat didn’t felt that by accepting this gift he would be defeated. Mat already loss some battles while doing things as Mat supposed they should be done.

Next morning, still overwhelmed but willing to advance, Mat started to learn and apply everything Team was doing. Mat befriended Sales and in 3 weeks Mat was almost as good as the Team. Back home, Jeff saw the results himself and was very happy for Mat.

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