1. Background

I currently live in Romania. Between 2008-2014 I did a lot of things that are connected with the art world. Poetry, singing. digital drawing, stage coordinator in film and theatre, film and theatre critic for both national and international festivals, co-founder of a creative project with 300 participants from 48 countries in 2013 and WordPress website creator.

2. First step

S7: In January 2015 I started my first business, a web agency. Anyone knows about the E-myth? I just mentioned my WordPress development skills? Yes, it happened as it happens every single time to entrepreneurs. I didn’t had a business. I had a job. After growing our team to 7 members, all working remotely, I freaked out and canceled the business.

The good past was that I continued to communicate with our clients, to assist and help them and to do some other projects as freelancers from time to time. It was a very helpful and rewarding kind of failure. Actually, this failure brought me where I am today.

3. Current step

EE: In may 2015 I started a community named Educated Entrepreneurs, mostly because I needed to communicate with other entrepreneurs and experts myself in order to do things in a better way in my business.

On the other hand, I started to read every great business book I could find, to attend online and offline courses, to buy dvds, to build relationships with entrepreneurs and mentors around the world. I simply couldn’t stop learning. I was sleeping and waking up with the same thought day by day. “It’s something here. I want to learn more. I want to do more. I want to help people”. And I didn’t ended up just asking for help, but helping other entrepreneurs on a daily basis. I needed to practice everything I learned.

Today I am offering business strategy sessions and articles to online small business owners. E-books and online courses are on the line.

I am almost obsessed by the idea of business mastery. I study and practice a lot on why business fail and how we can solve that in a simple and clear way. I am at that level when I can go on and on helping other people in terms of entrepreneurship without getting tired or bored.

5. Testimonials

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