14 Beautiful Ideas from Seth Godin

  1. What is this (thing I am doing) for?
  2. Touch people, do things that matter. What matters? Will they miss you if you were gone, if you don’t show up tomorrow? If you don’t have this, you don’t have permission. (And its funny because the question its not about you, but about your contribution in the world)
  3. Remarkable its something worth making a remark about. They are making a remark about it because they want to, because it elevates them, not because you are spamming them. What do we
    want them to say? (the brand)
  4. Do something people want.
  5. Ideas that spread, win. How to do that? Ask yourself how can you build art that doesn’t work if you don’t share it.
  6. Everything worth doing is worth doing because you changed someone else. Take the time and answer yourself, what’s the change you want to make?
  7. Are you hiding? What from? Why? Can you stop that? Will you start today?
  8. The most direct tactical form of change – Education. The goal is to change people into people who believe they have a genius, that they are able to change other people, to see the world as it is and who want to and know how to cause this changes to happen.
  9. When education gets hard -which is the only time education works, cause easy education don’t works- most people leave, unless there’s a significant social pressure.
  10. We are choosing not to listen and not to see because we are scared.
  11. Where are you generous enough so that an organization or a person you care about is changed for the better? Can you do that again and again and again?
  12. What about seeing each day as an unique opportunity? Are you willing to try?
  13. Scaling early isn’t the goal. The goal is to be good, the goal is to be worth it, the goal is to be missed if you didn’t do it.
  14. You could be more generous. You can lead people to a place they want to go. You can weave a network that connects the disconnected. You can see people who are disrespected and treat them with respect. You can bring dignity to people to deserve this.